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Welcome to the site of spiritual medium Jen Whelan. Jen is a professional spiritual medium currently living in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.  She has been strongly psychic and intuitive all her life, knowing and seeing unexplainable things.  She has been practising mediumship for the past 6 years and has a wide client base around the country, reading for a wide variety of people including high profile celebrities.    She has provided accurate predictions to national newspapers and has featured in  … Read More

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Riding school

Found this place – http://www.owstonlodgeequestrian.co.uk/index.htm – not to far from where I live in Nottingham. Not too bad on prices – #25 for an hour private lesson. Good hacks apparently too. Will check it out soon.

Welsh mountain ponies

This is a selction of pictures taken in hills near Fishguard, Wales in July last year. I found it hard getting close to the ponies as even the most placid would flee when I was around 10 to 15 metres away. The closest that I came was  the grey pony, who has a swollen belly that looks pregnant, and was also mothering a young calf.

Abandoned horses

 It seems that horses are also being abandoned due to the economy in Abto a Fox News blog. These stories are always appearing in England. When I read them I wish that I was able to take in some of the beautiful equines that are given up by their owners. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, that are released by owners. If only there was somewhere for them to go. Obviously not all of them can be taken in but hopefully some could be saved. What this blog post, and many of the stories is referring to, are horses that have been kept as pets before they are given up by their owners who can’t afford the. But I know that a large proportion of  race-horses are also released by owners and trainers because they don’t make the grade. Perhaps in these situations, which again is different to hobby-owners giving up horses, more responsible breeding might be one of the answers.

At the races

I went to Warwick Racecourse yesterday for their New Year’s Eve meet. Great fun and placed a few bets but I didn’t win anything. In fact, one horse that I betted on fell at the second fence then continued running round the course before turning back and galloping towards the other horses and trying to jump the safety fences at the side of the track. Poor thing!

First set of pictures of Farley and Bladon

I’ve updated the pictures section with photographs that I took of Farley and Bladon when they were in the field next to Clifton bridge. They were lovely – local celebrities even what with all the people who knew of them and fed them treats. Although they no longer live in that field, thankfully they’re alive and well elsewhere.

Review: Albufeira Riding Centre

I wrote this review of the Albufeira Riding Centre that I visited recently on my holiday to Portugal.